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How do the dragons work?
All of our mechanical figures are powered by a small, reliable electric motor set behind the dragon. The motors are rated at 240volts and require a mains power supply.
We can also supply a motor suitable for use in USA and Canada.
NB. Not all figure options are available in USA and Canada.

What are the dragons made of?
We make all of the original pieces, which are moulded and cast in a very hard wearing vinyl compound. Each piece is drilled and hand assembled. Parts of the mechanism and drive rods are made from brass and steel. The wings are made from a resilient and durable transparent film, they look fairly delicate but are actually extremely robust.

What maintenance do the dragons need?
Virtually none! The motor and gearbox are sealed and self contained. Depending on use the cams and levers may need occasional oiling. A detailed care leaflet is supplied with your dragon.

What guarantee do you supply?
We cover the mechanical workings of your dragon for two years. We will repair or replace any parts within the guarantee period free of charge. Your dragon will need to be returned to our workshop if any repair becomes necessary.
NB. Accidental damage or damage due to misuse is not covered under our guarantee.

How long can I leave my mechanical dragon on for?
The motors we use are extremely reliable and are designed to be left on 24 hours a day & 7 a week! The motor will get warm to the touch, this is perfectly normal.

How long will the motor last for?
We have several faeries and dragons on permanent display in the workshop. They run for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and have been running without any problems since June 2001!

Can I choose my own colours?
Yes! All of our mechanical dragons are hand made to order, so the dragon you receive will have been made especially for you. All of the different colour options are available on our order form.

How long will it take to make?
Tricky one this! The lead time varies throughout the year – Christmas is always very busy. As a general rule we would recommend you allow at least 8 weeks for your figure to be made. The more notice you can give us the better! Please call the workshop for more information on our current order times.

How do I order a dragon?
Once you have completed the relevant sections on our order form your order will be forwarded to our workshop. You will be contacted by us within 48 hours to confirm the order and to arrange the payment of a non-refundable £20.00 deposit. The balance will not be due until the order is completed.
NB. Your details are held solely by The Victorian Model Workshop. No information will be passed onto any third parties.

Do I have to collect my dragon from the workshop?
Our workshop and showroom are open to the public 11am until 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday. You are more than welcome to call in and collect your order, however we ship our figures all over the world. Postage and packing prices vary depending on which figure you have ordered. See below for our standard UK postage prices.
International postage and packing prices are available on request. Please call or e-mail the workshop for more information on postage costs.

UK postage prices
Standard figures P+P £6.50
Any figure on set of books P+P £14.50